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World of Death- (1994)

With the unstable regimes and breakup of the Soviet Union came a world of uncertainty for the former Yugoslavia. The Civil War in Bosnia-Herzegovina is presented for all its horror and cruelty. Innocent people are shot at by cowardly snipers who care little for the safety of woman and children. In between scenes of dying men and injured children rescue workers move quickly to avoid gunshots and mortar explosions. Besides the human death toll, the documentary shows the destruction of temples and cathedrals, many of which have stood for hundreds of years. The once peaceful and beautiful landscape of the former Yugoslavia is known a killing field where armed Bosnian's and Chetnik's fire on defenseless Croats and Serbs.

The film then moves to Rwanda as civil war erupts in its capital, forcing thousands to flee in neighboring Zaire. The promised land not found and thousands camp at the border waiting for food and aid relief. The poor conditions lead to Cholera and Typhoid outbreaks, hundreds die per day as UN relief efforts are all but hopeless. Making matters worse is the lack of fresh water and a shortage of food, the resulting deaths make things worse as dead bodies pile up and mass graves are dug. When things get better back home, many refuse to leave out of fear or weakness. The resulting refugee situation would put a strain on the resources of neighboring Zaire, and in its aftermath, many of the problems could have been avoided, but the lack of proper facilities and relief would result in the deaths of thousands of refugees.

The final chapter deals with a coup in Liberia, the ruling cabinet, and Prime Minster are rounded up and arrested. They are led to the coast where they are executed before cameras to show the people the power of the revolution. Ironically we often see the revolutionaries turning into the oppressors. World of Death presents some recent events and is not as violent as the package would you believe, the production is fair and due to the use of stock footage is more genuine than your more basic FOD stock. Don't forget for one moment that this is still a pretty graphic film of real death.

Photo Courtesy of Gorgon Video