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Traces of Death II - (1994)

The inevitable sequel to the grizzly Traces of Death would set itself apart from the original by utilizing more of the Mondo style footage of earlier films. The footage of African rituals and their strange customs seem familiar to those who have witnessed any of the Italian Mondo films of the 60's and 70's. The rest of the movie is a standard collection of stock footage including a hot air balloon disaster, a shark attack, and some autopsy footage. The background narration's at times is quite annoying but is replaced at times by heavy metal music. The narrator details the fair play of this film by showing a sex change of a woman into a man, and the footage is quite bizarre and at times unsettling. Some accident footage from Monster Truck Shows and Auto races is also thrown in as well as a request for a band to appear in TOD III. Now if you feel your group is worthy you are too late; the third one was already released. The end is followed by another catalog with even more unusual souvenirs and oddities.

Photo Courtesy of Brain Damage Productions