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Traces of Death- (1993)

This deliberate cash in on the success of Faces of Death is a pretty decent collection of archive photos from the files of LAPD. The presentation is pretty much a photo by photo survey of early twentieth-century crime photos collected by a Police Officer with a little narration thrown in for the viewer's purpose. The photos are often quite old, and with this, you get to distance yourself at times from the images. We see photographs of suicides, murders; fire related deaths and gangland-style murders. There are some rather tasteless photos of dead babies, whether they were tossed out of high rises, stabbed with knives, or just simply tossed into waste baskets. These are followed by the remains of a few boys and a couple of sticks of dynamite. This followed by image after image of grisly death. There are a few movie clips, but these distract from the style of the film which is quite impressive at times but can drag on. The style of this movie in more ways makes one queasy and this, in turn, shows the frailty of human life more so than the other so called documentaries of death.

Photo Courtesy of Brain Damage Productions