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Faces of Death V - (1995)

These films apparently exist, and I rented FOD 5, I felt violated, gypped and debased. Usually, I would praise any film that put through that kind of torture, but in this instance, I was genuinely cheated. FOD 5 recycles footage from the four previous movies and comes across as a poor copy of its more infamous predecessors. If it were merely a Best of FOD that would be all right, yet there was a Best of Collection. It was titled Worst of FOD. It was the same film minus a few scenes from FOD 4 and with a better look and feel. The tape indicated a length of 90 minutes but my VCR only played 50 minutes of footage. As for FOD 6, I have yet to locate a copy, and from what I read on the tape, it too is nothing more than a redressed collection of other films. The only real scene is that of the actual on-air suicide of Pennsylvania State Treasurer R Budd Dwyer, played in full-color.

Photo Courtesy of Gorgon Video