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Faces of Death IV - (1990)

Faces of Death 4 was the first FOD film I ever rented, and it is also one of the most blatantly campy of the collection. The film opens with a crematorium processing a body; it is the former host Dr. Francis Gross who had suffered an untimely death due to his morbid studies. The new host is Dr. Louis Flellis, a creepy neurosurgeon who picks up the mantle of the deceased former narrator. The film starts with video footage of a hostage situation that does not end well for the victim. It is followed by the routine footage of car crashes, accidents, terrorist attacks and other bloody events that are a staple in this series. These are the few genuine scenes of post-death as the video is made up of numerous staged incidents. These include a man losing a leg in an accident in a car salvage yard, a magician who misjudges his deadly trick and a hapless bungee jumper who miscalculate the length of his bungee cord. It is followed by a horrifying boating accident with a young lady getting cut to pieces due to a drunk driver. We also get the routine animal slaughter footage featuring an Asian family serving up a puppy as a fine meal. As the video reaches its climax we witness a shocking scene of a mutated leech that attached itself to a poor swimmer. The last scene features an FBI raid on a suspected drug house that instead uncovers a deadly satanic cult complete with bloody remains of some unknown victim. The narrator closes the video by discussing a tragic event and how it inspired him to sing a hokey tribute song. Of the first four films, Faces of Death 4 is the hokiest and silliest of these morbid films with a heavy reliance on staged footage and lack of genuine death scenes. The last original Faces of Death movie as the ones to follow would be mashups of the four with little original content.

Photo Courtesy of Gorgon Video