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Faces of Death III - (1985)

This installment starts with accident footage taken from European automobile accidents then follows the usual pattern of fabricated events with some graphic accident footage. The first segments feature police dealing with a serial killer who is targeting the poor residents of a crime-ridden slum, the style of work seems way to close to police reality shows that were popular in 1980's. One of the most infamous scenes features a parachutist who tragically lands in an alligator pond with bloody results. A bomb squad technician works to defuse a bomb with footage showing the result of his mistake and instant death from the explosion. All the while we are required to sit through Dr. Gross's silly commentary on crime and punishment. The highlight, in conclusion, is the raw footage of recent accident scenes that fill in the gaps between the reenactments. The infamous moment of worth features footage of a pair of car thieves caught on video surveillance as guard dogs take down one of the intruders and tear him apart. The third installment is more like an uncut police reality show with staged events mixed in with the graphic post-accident footage. Of the four movies, this is one is the least graphic yet it still has some shocking moments to remind you it is a Faces of Death movie. Why give up on a working formula.

Photo Courtesy of Gorgon Video