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Death Scenes- (1992)

This video fits into the usual style of FOD with its collection of archival footage and artifacts of death, picking up where the previous film left off and bringing us into the modern day. We see war atrocities and battle footage. Some mob battles and their aftermath including drug trafficking and the death that follows. The movie then moves into the fifties with footage from Korea, the forgotten war and the wild freestyle of teens and their motorcars. This video introduces the traffic safety film Signal 30, which shows grizzly accident scenes involving careless drivers and alcohol. This is of course before they had added seat belts, safety glass, and radial tires. The 60's ushered in footage of the JFK assassination and subsequent shots that brought down the so-called assassin Oswald. The war in Vietnam would have footage of burning villages, civil unrest back home and the immolation of Buddhist monks.

What set this film apart are the actual scenes of the Manson family murder involving the Tate/LaBianca murders. The disturbing images of Sharon Tate and her friends tied up as well as the LaBianca murders in their shocking way only reminds the viewer of the bloody carnage that came from Charles Manson's Family. There are a few other noted celebrity deaths including Abigail Folger (heir to the coffee fortune) as well as the footage of the tragic deaths involving actor Vic Morrow and two young children during the filming of The Twilight Zone Movie. The footage is slowed down and enhanced to show the decapitation of all three from all sorts of angles. The film then travels to Mexico where crime journals are shown in newsstands along with of Time or Newsweek. These magazines are quite popular there and are very gruesome. Toward the end, we see some soccer atrocities as grandstands burn, and fans riot with each other. A horse stomps a rodeo rider that he cannot jump from after getting stuck. A robber gets more than he expects, and the suicide of R Budd Dwyer finish off this film.

As with the first Death Scenes, this movie uses original footage and does a better job at presenting its material than any FOD or Traces of Death film. As with all of these films you have to have quite a strong stomach to endure this collection of death and suffering.

The VHS Release was made in 1992 yet the DVD from Anthem has this labeled as Death Scenes 1

Photo Courtesy of Anthem Pictures